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MSM 422 AP (restorijng/uploading/resetting)

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MSM 422 AP (restorijng/uploading/resetting)

Hello fellow forummers.


I got a question for you all and i hope you can help me out with it.


We had a msm422AP still laying around after the school had onder gone a tranformation..


And we thought it's time to place this in a suitable location again. So we hung it on the wall, connected it all and it made connection with the MSM 710 controller.


And then the loop begins, when we look @ the AP in the managementscreen we get the message: restoring/uploading/resetting and so on and so on..


The other 5 MSM 422AP's are working fine without error. But only this last one we cant get it back up and running.


(tried reset, firmware is identical to the other AP's, connection is good)


Does anyone have a clue what is goinig on here or can point me in the right direction. Any help is welcome.





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Re: MSM 422 AP (restorijng/uploading/resetting)

Well we left it laying on a desk for 4 day's and this afternoon it came online.


It's magic.. oh oooooo!! :p


But we have it working now.