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MSTP for Data (SAN) Switches

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MSTP for Data (SAN) Switches

Hey, I am looking at ways to improve my data switch design when not using stacked or modular switches (like the E5120 for example) Spent a fair bit of time researching but haven't had an opertunity to impliment or play with this yet, can anyone offer any input on this? See attached PDF.


The top switch is the 'LAN' switch and ideally wont be running anything other than standard spanning tree, the bottom two switches are 'Data' Switches which have SAN/ESX connectivty. What I am aiming for is for data VLANs 10-13 to pass over the 4 port trunk between two data switches at the bottom and LAN traffic to pass over the trunks back to the top LAN switch.


  • The top LAN switch should be root for the standard STP for the rest of the network
  • The left hand data switch should be the root for instance 1
  • Should a data switch fail then traffic on all VLANs will pass over the remaining uplink.
  • Should both LAN uplinks fail on the left data switch for example then traffic will be allowed to flow over the uplink to the right data switch and then up to the LAN switch.

Does this seem possible with this configuration?