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MSTP support on 9300 series

Gilberto Civai
Occasional Contributor

MSTP support on 9300 series


I've 6 HP Procurve 9315 & a big number of 5372xl used as stack switches. I would enable Multiple Spanning Tree (per VLAN obviously), but 9300 firmware lacks MSTP support.

Are there any plans to support MSTP on 9300 series ? Any new firmware release ( does not include this function)!

Thanks in advance!

Gilberto Civai
Network administrator
Azienda Ospedaliera Senese (Senese Hospital)
E-mail: G.Civai@ao-siena.toscana.it
Nick Hancock
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSTP support on 9300 series


MSTP is a feature that I would like to see added as it reduces the BPDU processing load associated with Per VLAN Spanning Tree on implementations where there are lots of VLANs in use.

The 9300s have a pre-MSTP mode called topology groups which enables mapping of VLANs into spanning tree instances but I have not yet tested this with the 5300 implementation.

Hope this helps,