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MSTP without VLANs

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MSTP without VLANs

I have 20 servers connected to two 2610.
2610s are connected to other two 2610 (as core).

I would like to do optimize uplinks.

I can do it with MSTP with a configuration like this:

port 1-10 in VLAN1 and uplink 1 active, uplink2 backup;
port 11-20 in VLAN2 and uplink 2 active, uplink1 backup;

But to do this, i need to split networks in two vlans. Most of those server aren't mine and I cannot ask customers to reconfigure servers.

Is possibile to do the same port-based instead vlan based?

Something like:

port1-10 uplink 1 active, uplink 2 backup
port11-20 uplink 2 active, uplink 1 backup

without using vlans?

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: MSTP without VLANs


Just think about it, how can this be done ? how can uplink1 or uplink2 recognize ports and behave based on that as Active or Backup.

I guess you have 2 solutions:

- Re-consider using MSTP.
- If your servers have 2 NICs, you can connect one NIC to first 2610, and second NIC to the second 2610.

Then with little playing with spanning-Tree port priority, you can do your links optimization.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: MSTP without VLANs

Maybe with a protocol that creates two logical group (like vlans but no subnetting).

port1, port2, port3, uplink1, uplink2 in group1

port4, port5, port6, uplink1, uplink2 in group2

uplink1 is active for group1;
uplink2 is backup for group1;
uplink1 is backup for group2;
uplink2 is active for group2;

Equal to MSTP but with no vlans, just a logical port group.

I have some server with multiple ethernet but not all are mine.

I can reconfigure my server to use different vlans (and different gateways) but I cant' reconfigure customer's servers...