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Management Vlan - Routing?


Management Vlan - Routing?


It´s not possible to route management vlan. So how should I best do to access and monitor management vlan?
Should I install a syslog/procurve manager server /ntp server on same vlan ?
Or does it exists a better why to handle access to management vlan?

Best Regards, Magnus
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Management Vlan - Routing?


Your concern is Security, and to Secure the Management Vlan properly, i think (my opinion only) that Management Vlan is not a proper choice in all environment, like your case.

Securing the Management Vlan, starts from the security features on your Routing switch like Access Control Lists.

And it Can be using any Firewall system you have.

And it can be reaching to software like the ProCurve IDM.

From my experience, keeping the PCM+ in the management Vlan is better, especially if you a big network with many switches in the network.

For the Syslog, i advice you add the IP address of your PCM+ server as a Syslog Server, to save all the events,

By keeping all the events on the PCM+, you can generate many actions based on the event it self including very advanced and security ones.

Good Luck !!!
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