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Maximum of 65 PIM interfaces on Procurve 530X series?

Brady Hiscox
Occasional Contributor

Maximum of 65 PIM interfaces on Procurve 530X series?

Can someone tell me if there is any way around the 65 PIM interfaces enabled on the Procurve 530X series switches? We have been pushing these switches heavily on customers for the last several years and it seems we have never come to this limit but at a very large site they have a need for 110 PIM interfaces.

Is this a limitation in the other Procurve line, if so why is this not DOCUMENTED or is it and Im just missing it, Ive searched through the guides and spec sheets and I see nothing mentioning it.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Maximum of 65 PIM interfaces on Procurve 530X series?

It mentions this a few time in the Advanced Traffic and Management guides:

Interface Support: PIM-DM supports up to 127 outbound VLANs (and 1 inbound VLAN) in its multicast routing table (MRT) at any given time, meaning that the sum of all outbound VLANs across all current flows on a routing switch may not exceed 63. (A single flow may span one inbound VLAN and up to 63 outbound VLANs, depending on the VLAN memberships of the hosts actively belonging to the flow.)

Flow Capacity. The routing switch provides an ample multicast environment, supporting 1022 multicast flows in hardware across a maximum of 64 VLANs.

If you need more than this, you should look at the 5400 series which supports up to 128 PIM enabled VLANs.