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Metro E to DSL VPN

Grant Carmichael
Occasional Advisor

Metro E to DSL VPN

My organization’s current setup uses a SonicWALL Pro 5060 firewall with Bellsouth’s Metro E Internet service. We are starting to have more remote sites come online, and thus far, we’ve utilized the Metro E to connect the sites. However, we have some remote sites that will be using DSL instead of the Metro E. What is the best way to connect the remote DSL sites? What procurve equipment do you suggest?

I have the following goals:

- To connect each remote site to the main site using the main sites Metro E and the remote sites respective DSL connection.
- The main site will provide DNS and DHCP to the remote site.
- The link must be encrypted.

Thanks for your help…
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Metro E to DSL VPN


Metro Ethernet needs an Advanced Switching features like the MPLS, EoMPLS, intelligent 802.1Q tunneling .....

In the ProCurve Switches family there is no such a product that has these capabilities.

But if you are looking for a Normal DSL WAN link to the ISP, then the ProCurve Secure Router can fit there with a proper WAN module.
check this:

Good Luck !!!
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