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Microsoft NLB and Procurve switch


Microsoft NLB and Procurve switch

Our environment is:

HP Blade C7000 with Virtual Connect connected to an HP ProCurve Switch 5304XL (J4850A) with version: E.11.10, ROM E.05.05.

Over several Blades we have a VMware ESX 4.1 cluster.

We have installed an NLB MS Cluster with 2 nodes using each one Windows 2008 R2.
Each server has 2 virtual ethernet adapters, one for the lan and the other is used for the NLB cluster.
When we configurate the cluster in multicast mode and we stop the NLB service in one node the public IP addres use by the NLB service does not work. We have been searching solutions and we have found that one possible explanation is that our Procurve does not support arp-ip multicast mapping as Cisco switches do. Using unicast is not recommended by VMware although it works.
Is there any way to use multicast in the NLB?
Antonio Milanese
Trusted Contributor

Re: Microsoft NLB and Procurve switch

Hello Pedro,

this is a common request nowadays =)

I'm lazy so I send you back to my previous reply to another post