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Re: Mirror port - diff vlans

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Mirror port - diff vlans

I have my servers on vlan 1

I need to monitor traffic on vlan 20

Can i do this on a 2900...

I see the mirror port option... but seeing how the switch is 2000 miles away i dont want to "lock myself out"...
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Re: Mirror port - diff vlans

Is a good point.

If you are planning to mirror the data to the port that connecnts YOU to the device (2000 miles away) then i would probably be a bit careful.

I can't see any problem with mirroring between VLANs, but bear in mind that ALL of the traffic that is going to the port in VLAN 20 will be mirrored to your relevant mirror port, so it may well be a very busy port!

Personally, i would make sure that if you want to do some monitoring like this you should be somewhere near the switch itself!

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