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Mobility Manager

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Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Mobility Manager

Personally, I'm rather jaded that this is a pay-for expansion, but, so it is, its not MY money that will be spent on it.

On that note, aside showing us what should have been there already (cough... PROCURVE...wireless), is there anything "earthshattering" about having this addon?

is the dec 1 release date on schedule?
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: Mobility Manager

Hi Preston,

In short. PCM without Mobility Manager allows you to manage the accesspoints "untill the box itself", like trap handling, firmware updates and such.
PCM with Mobility Manager allows you to manage not only the box itself, but also the radio(s) in it and the SSID('s) on the radio(s).
Examples are groupbased security settings, rogue accesspoint detection and such.

So what is "earthshattering" about it?
I guess the ability to manage whole (selfdefined) groups of accesspoints at once, instead of each accesspoint alone is a huge timesaver. Adding an extra SSID with it's new security setting just got a lot quicker if you have a lot of accesspoints.
Also having a consolidated platform for rogue AP detection is handy. In Mobility Manager it is possible to see which other AP's also detected the rogue AP. This makes finding the rogue a lot easier.

If these examples are really "earthshattering", really depends on your environment. If you have 10 AP's, then maybe not. If you have 100 AP's, then it could possibly be a huge timesaver.

Afaik the dec 1 release date is still on schedule.
Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: Mobility Manager

Thanks for the feedback :-)

We've got about 70 access points across multiple campuses...I'd suppose the rogue feature depending on how good would be worth it for us ;)