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Modem-D-Link Router-Procurve 1800

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Modem-D-Link Router-Procurve 1800

Last week we replaced or ADSL internet connection with a 100mbit glas fibre connection. As a result we purchased a d-link router
We have set it up as follows:

Modem (supplied by isp) => d-link 855 wireless router=> procurve 1800 switch => pc's and printers.

All pc's have access to one another and the internet(no problems)

Attached to the d-link is a laptop.

Problem. If I try to transfer a document between the laptop and a pc I get speeds of approx. 5mbit Download speeds from the internet approx. 50 - 70 mbit.

Procurve ip adres is
D-link ip adres is
DHCP srver is activated on both devices.

I cannot access the procurve via the laptop.

QoS has been disabled on the d-link.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is
Any suggestions are very welcome