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Multicast help

Regular Advisor

Multicast help

I need some help with a multicast setup on a 5400.

default vlan is vlan 1 -

vlan 91 -

I have a NLB cluster of Threat Management Gateway servers on vlan 91.
The TMG NLB is set to "IGMP Multicast"

Only clients local to that vlan seem to be able to see this nlb address

No other vlans can seem to see it...

I've enabled multicast-routing on the core 5400
I've added ip igmp to the vlans (both switches)

When i ping the Virtual NLB IP a dozen pings will time out, then a dozen will give a destination unknown, then another dozen back to time out....


I've been searchign all afternoon and trying different things...

Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Multicast help


I think you might find the same question posted if you search through the forums for "static arp", but last time I checked the answer is that you can't do this on Procurve switches as there isn't a mechanism for adding static arp entries.
The issue is that switches won't by default accept an arp reply for a unicast IP address that contains a multicast MAC address.
Things may have changed since I last looked at this issue but if they have I haven't heard about it :)