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Multicast on trunked ports

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Multicast on trunked ports

I have a HP6108 which I'm running as my core which, connected off this there is a 1x HP2650 and 2x HP2626.

The 6108 is trunked on ports 1+2(Trk1), 3+4(Trk2), 5+6(Trk3) and 7+8(Trk4)
On the 2650 ports 49+50(Trk1) are connected to 6108-Tkr1
On the 2626A ports 25+26(Trk1) are connected to 6108-Tkr2
On the 2626B ports 25+26(Trk1) are connected to 6108-Tkr3

A server on 2626A port 10 is sending multicast to servers on 2650 port 15 and on 2626B port 2.

All is working fine!

At the weekend I swapped out the 2626A with a new 2810-24G.
I trunked the ports on the 2810-24G 23+24(Trk1), this connects to 6108-Tkr2.

Network is all up and running, servers can see each other, no worries!

Bar from that fact that no multicast is being seen on the 2650, yet the server on the 2626B is picking it up just fine.

I pull one of the trunked cables from 2810-24G and multicast is see on all the switches.
plug the 2nd cable back in, multicast is only see on the 2626B.
I move the cables around between the different trunked ports, cables are working fine....

all the switches are using the latest firmware

any thoughts or suggestions?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Multicast on trunked ports

You'll need to contact ProCurve support to get N.11.10 which fixes a multicast with trunking issue.
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Re: Multicast on trunked ports

Thanks for the quick reply