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Multicast packet not flooded

Giacomo Trovato
Occasional Contributor

Multicast packet not flooded

I have a very strange behavior on Procurve 2524 and 2650 switches (latest firmware, factory default settings, no IGMP).
I have an audio streaming device (http://www.av-digital.at/frameset.php?lng=EN&GCSession=91dc24a975f36edb24fff891461886df) sending audio streaming in UDP multicast (no IGMP).
The multicast works only in default vlan.
If I connect the device to another VLAN the multicast packet is not forwarded to others ports of the VLAN.
The multicast works properly only in default VLAN!
With no HP switches it works properly.
With others audio streaming devices the multicast works fine.
In attachment there is the multicast packet from Ethereal.

Thank you!
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Multicast packet not flooded


Are you doing routing on the 2600?
If so, try to enable UDP broadcast forwarding, even your UDP traffic is multicast.

2600(config)#ip udp-bcast-forward

Good Luck !!!
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