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Multifunction NIC on Proliant DL380

Occasional Contributor

Multifunction NIC on Proliant DL380

I have a proliant DL380 G5 that I am trying to install a NC510F multifunction Nic card in.
Have tried several times to install the driver without success. When checking the BIOS I noticed that the card isn't being recognized correctly.
The system sees the following:
PCI Slot 5 - Unknown PCI Device
PCI Slot 5 - SCSI Mass Storage Controller

The integrated Nics are seen correctly as nics/iscsi devices.

Is there a jumper setting that I need to change. The BIOS is at the latest version.

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Multifunction NIC on Proliant DL380

Probably not the correct subforum but still...

Under which OS are you trying to do this, and from whence did you get the driver you are trying to install?

I've installed NC510F's in DL380G5's under RedHat 5.0 and 5.1 without much difficulty, although I had to go to www.hp.com and follow the drivers link to get the driver - and the NIC firmware - required.
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