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Multiple Dialup connections and LAN

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Multiple Dialup connections and LAN

here is the scence.
I am running a windows 2000 network with win2000 Server and Win2000 Professional as clients. Now one of Win2000 Pro Client is setup to dialUP to 24 Locations (A Mix of win98/XP/2000Pro) simultaniously using modems.

I can access dialed up PCs from the the machine used for dial up.
No PC on LAN is able access dialedUP PCs and voice versa.

- what technologies, software should be used for it.
- I cant afford a hardware solution other than dialup/modams.

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Re: Multiple Dialup connections and LAN

Look in your 2000 Help for Internet Connection Sharing and install it on the Dialout Client. That is essentially what you need for it to work. Just pretend it is dialing to the internet and you are homefree.

Of course if you are already connected to the internet it will get a little more complicated. You still need IP forwarding turned on on the Dialout CLient and you will probably have to do NAT too but watch the default route on the Dialout Client. It should still point to the PC or router which goes to the internet.

No cost and it should be already available on your 2000.