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Multiple Vlans over large network

Cameron Seiver
Occasional Contributor

Multiple Vlans over large network

At my place of employment we are development a vlan system for our large segemented network.

The network consists of 6 pysical locations that are then broken down into small psysical locations within the larger ones.

all the servers are located in a central location and a piped back via fibre backbones.

What we want to do is configure various vlans to represent the various segements that exist and reduce traffice by limiting where goes where.

but what we can't work out is the way that we would configure the vlans them self.

for examples in one of the locations we have a switch that is connect to 2 other switches and will carry three sets of vlan traffic, CR1, CR2 and FB.

on the main switch the servers are connect directly to several ports and are currently on they on vlan.

What we want is the servers to be able to talk to the other vlans but in the most efficent way possible bearing in mind that we have about 20 to 25 vlans planned.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple Vlans over large network

What operating system do the servers use? Is it (or its NICs) able to understand 802.1q tagging? If so you could send tagged packets to the servers (each server would then be in multiple VLANs with a separate IP address for each VLAN) and then connect the switches up with multiple tagged vlans on the connecting links. You can manually prune the vlans so that only the ones that are needed will be sent over the links. If you have the right switches they can do this pruning automatically.