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Multiple up link ports

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Multiple up link ports

I would like to add more bandwith to my server room, is it possable to run run multiple uplinks from on switch to another?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Multiple up link ports

Of Course you can, that what they call it, Ling Aggregation or Trunks.

Simply a group of Physical Uplinks form one Logical Link, has the speed of all these uplinks, and you have also a Redundancy and Load Balancing, so more powerfull for your Network.

For example: HPswitch(config)# trunk 1-8 trk1, where ports 1 to 8 are the Trunked ports.

For more details on How to implement Port Trunking and the Conditions, please refer to:ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/2600-2800-4100-6108-MgmtConfig-Oct2005-59906023.pdf

Chapter 12,

This is and emaple of Trunking on the ProCurve 2600 Switches.

If you need more info. let us know what kind of Switches you have.

Don't forget to assign points.

Good Luck !!!
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