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NC7770 - Win2k3 - VLAN tagging

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NC7770 - Win2k3 - VLAN tagging


I'm trying to set up a windows 2003 server with an NC7770 NIC (from DL380 G3). this NIC is present in three vlans, defined in the "hp team and configuration" utility.

The same setup on windows 2000 AS works well with our 3com switch.

On windows 2003, we experience (random) ping timeouts.

when we ping from a client in one of the vlans, the ping request reaches the server and the server replies with a ping reply but this reply never reaches the client (timeout).

Same thing happens when we ping a client from the server. the ping request never reaches the client.

Has anyone been experiencing the same problem? I tested this on a Compaq D510 client pc with NC7770 nic and on a complete G3 dl380.

The drivers are the latest for windows 2003 provided by hp website.



Maarten Claes
Henrik Nilsson_2
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Re: NC7770 - Win2k3 - VLAN tagging


We are experiencing almost the exact same symptoms as described in the previous post. The server is a DL380 G3 with a NC7781 NIC that has 3 VLANs connected. When running w2k3 we have random ping timeouts on one of the VLANs, but in w2k it works just fine. The drivers for the NIC is version 6.34, will update these and se if that resolves the issue. Seems to be related to NC7781 and w2k3. Any ideas?
Jon Ward
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Re: NC7770 - Win2k3 - VLAN tagging

In one case involving the NC7782, the connectivity issues disappeared after upgrading the server firmware.