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Juan Chipoco


Hi guys
I am not a network designer, but in my new job I have to redesign (If I can)
my network in order to improve the data trafic. Almost all trafic is a telnet
trafic to a HP/UX 10x with a informix/4GL server, a internet trafic and a mail
trafic. I attach a graphic where you can see my network structure. There are
3 LANs in different cities and they're joined by a VPN. Some switches are atta
ched to others switches. Every LAN have 50 workstation more less.
The IP ranges are showed in the graphic.
My questions are:

If I open my network environment (in windows) I only can see workstations in one LAN.
How can I see all workstations?

It would be better make a subnetting in every LAN?

Are there some model of swicth that you can recomended me?

If I decided to use a samba server. Where should I put it?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my large email and my english.

Juan Chipoco
Juan Chipoco
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor


Your diagram came through with a large black rectangle which makes it hard to read. Please repost it without the black box.

Also what kind of switches do you have now? How are they connected? Copper/Fiber 10/100/1000 full/half duplex.

What are the serial links to your routers? Type and bandwidth.

What is the Ethernet connection to you server? 10 Half or ?

What version of Windows are you and your users running? Is there a WINS in the picture?

I would stongly advise you to get MRTG and get it running. This will allow you to see where most of the network bottlenecks are.