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NLB with GbE2c Blade Switch

Kalle Larsson
Occasional Visitor

NLB with GbE2c Blade Switch


I have a customer who has a c-Class BladeSystem. The customer has installed Microsoft ISA 2006 on two blades and wants to use the NLB function for load balancing and failover. The blades are connected to the same integrated GbE2c Blade Switch. How do I configure the switch ports to work with NLB?

Teknisk Drift_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: NLB with GbE2c Blade Switch

There isn't much specific to configure on the GbE2's compared to other switches. In fact, NLB can work straight out of the box.

You need to decide to on a few factors before you'll know if the switch needs configuration.
For instance, if you want to run NLB in multicast-mode, it is advised to put the clustered servers in a separate VLAN.

Look up NLB and clustering in Microsoft's knowledge base, there are some good articles on how to plan for NLB deployment there.
Occasional Visitor

Re: NLB with GbE2c Blade Switch

Hello, I'm really interesting in this topic.

The only problem is that i don't know much about switches (we have two HP GbE2c), so what I want to know if a way (if exist) to configure some port in a cross way so one Blade see other Blade in the second network. A heartbeat configuration.

In other words is configure like if two Blades has a Cross Cable for check the availability of the other.