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NMM with Cisco 3548

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NMM with Cisco 3548

We're testing out HP Openview NMM on our network, and it just doesn't seem to be discovering our older 3548 switches.

Our network consists of 2 4506 switchs as a core, with the servers directly connected and then a bunch of 3548 switch as well to which the user workstations connect.

The 4506's and the servers and a bunch of other devices (tape, SAN, fabric swtiches, etc.) show up right away during discovery, but none of the 3548 user switches!

The 3548's do show up in other snmp tools we're testing such as Castlerock SNMPc and Intuit Numara.

Any ideas how to get Openview to discover them?

Sietze Reitsma
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Re: NMM with Cisco 3548

Did you set the right community names? Do you also use CDP discovery?