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NNM Performance Failure on Cisco 3750

Waldo Briggs
Occasional Contributor

NNM Performance Failure on Cisco 3750

I am in the process of replacing Nortel 450 switches with Cisco 3750 switches. I am using 3750's as distribution and edge devices. SNMP has been turned on the 3750's, but the 3750 model 12SFP distribution devices return the following error: 'ovexprguru: could not perform SNMP for utilization (no expression)' when trying to perform a 'performance/network activity/interface traffic/utilization task'. Edge 3750's report utilization fine, but not the distribution layer nodes. Any ideas?
Manfred Arndt
Valued Contributor

Re: NNM Performance Failure on Cisco 3750

Try replacing it with a ProCurve switch ;-)