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NTP client implementation with K.15.02.0005

NTP client implementation with K.15.02.0005

Recently I installed some new J9470A switches and tried to configure SNTP synchronization. These are the commands:

timesync sntp
sntp unicast
sntp server priority 1

With this configuration I have no success to get the clock synchronized to the ntp server. Several older switches (using e.g. a firmware I.10.77 or F.05.72) work perfect with that NTPv3 server on HP-UX.

Wireshark showed that the ntp request from the switch carries an additional "Key Id: 00000000" field, which is only meaningful in authenticated ntp. I don't use authentication. The ntp server doesn't answer at all to this request.

Is this a bug or is anything wrong with my config?