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Can anybody guide me to configure NTP master and ntp server which will syn time with NTP master.

The commands for ntp client are below pls correct me if i m wrong.

ip timep manual interval 5
timesync timep

What are the commnads for NTP master which will provide time to ntp clients

rick jones
Honored Contributor


IIRC "timep" is not the same thing as NTP.
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I want to synchronize all time among the access switches.my access switches are cisco as well as Hp, and Core switch is 5406.

PLs advice how to configure all switches to syn with one time.
Trevor Commulynx
Regular Advisor


Do you want the Procurve switch to be the time source for the rest of the network?

I do not beleive the Procurve 5400zl's can act as a master the way Cisco Can.

If you want the 5406zl to be a client running ntp as the time protocol.

then do the following:
sntp unicast
timesync sntp

then set your server you are pointing to. you will have to set your time zone and DST rule as well.


Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor


AFAIK the switch cannot act as a timeserver, only as a client.

You need an external timesource
- hardware device (radio receiver)
- server
- internet source like ntp.org

ntp also comes in versions, check if you use the same ntp version as the ntp-source.


IMHO best way to organise NTP is the following setup.
1. Limit the devices connecting to the internet for NTP data. This reduces the load on the public servers and also increases security. Our firewall cluster from Juniper can act as NTP client/server to internal hosts and I imagine other firewalls and security devices can do the same.

2. Use the excellent http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/use.html website to locate public servers to configure ntp on these master devices, I'd suggest you use ntp servers in your locality (same country/continent). Remember to setup more than 1 ntp pool entry to check. I check 3-4 public NTP servers via pool entries.

3. Get all of your other internal devices to connect to these master devices on your network.

4. The commands I use for HP switches are...
sntp server [ip address]
timesync sntp
sntp unicast

5. If you need ultra precise timing you may have to invest in your own stratum 1 server. However the ntp pool website is sufficient for most needs.