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NX9010 - Monitor - Destroyed

Andy Kay
Occasional Contributor

NX9010 - Monitor - Destroyed

subject: nx9010 - Monitor
Andy Kay
Dec 13, 2004 01:40:42 GMT

Tonight my "charming" grandson broke the monitor on my NX9010.

Does anyone know whether I can buy a new monitor - and whether it's possible to remove the old one & fit the new one yourself ?

Many thanks.

Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: NX9010 - Monitor - Destroyed

Hi Andy,

You could also post this over in the Notebook Category:


The experts there will have some suggestions for you,

Hope this helps,

Andy Kay
Occasional Contributor

Re: NX9010 - Monitor - Destroyed

Thanks Gary.

In the end. I bought a new screen - £400. Made a dint in the pocket - but a cheaper dint than buying a new laptop.

I know need a few hours spare to fit it.

Thanks again.