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Need a new core switch


Need a new core switch

I have a fairly small network, under 300 devices. I have 5 edge switches that will connect to this core switch (1gig copper), along with 90 devices (going to get 96 ports). I have about 5 VLANs each on their own subnet, so this switch will do some routing.

Right now I'm using a 3COM 3870 to do this job. I'm running out of space and it's time for a modular switch.

I'm mainly interested in the HP E4208. Would this meet my needs?

I'm thinking the E5400 might be an overkill for my network.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Need a new core switch


yes, I think the E4208 would meet you requirements. Take a closer look at the HP ProCurve Switch 4208vl-96 (J8775A). This model has four J8765A modules, in sum 96 10/100TX ports. IP routing with at max 16 static ip routes is included. All you need is an additional module to uplink you five edge switches, maybe the J9033A (20 10/100/1000 + 4 SFP modules) or J8768A (24 10/100/1000).

Best regards,