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Need help. Vlans and stack

Need help. Vlans and st
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Need help. Vlans and stack

Have 7 switches HP 2626, need to make stack with IP adreses from net range. Let's say default vlan use for that purpose. Also need configure 4 individual vlans. How connetc swithes ? 1st switch port 24 for example to 2nd switch port 1, and ... How to configure Vlans and assign equal number ports for each. How must configure ports that connects swithes. Use tagg ?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Need help. Vlans and stack


You want Stack or Cascade ?

If you want to Stack, then connect all the switches to the Master one, then configure it on all the switches:

And if you want to Cascade, then connect all the switches together, so say
Switch1 - Port26 >-- Switch2 - Port25
Switch2 - Port26 >-- Switch3 - Port25
Switch3 - Port26 >-- Switch4 - Port25
Switch4 - Port26 >-- Switch5 - Port25
Switch5 - Port26 >-- Switch6 - Port25
Switch6 - Port26 >-- Switch7 - Port25

And you can add a resilient link between Switch1 and Switch7:
Switch7 - Port25 >-- Switch1 - Port26
But you should enable Spanning-Tree.

Now tagg all the uplink ports (25-26) on all the 7 switches for all the Vlans except the management one keep it untagged, and if you used Vlan1 (default) as the management, then its by default untagged on all ports including the uplinks, so you don't have to worry about it.

Good Luck !!!
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