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Need help with VLAN on Procurve Switch 1700-24

Elmar Ismayilov
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Need help with VLAN on Procurve Switch 1700-24

Dear all!

We have a 1700-24 switch which we use to give internet access for companies in the building we are located. Internet goes through a FreeBSD server, on which traffic gets limited for certain IPs, to the switch. Port #5 is for the cable to FreeBSD and all others are for customers. The problem is that all the IPs on the subnet see each other. I tried VLAN and created VLAN id for every customer IP and put the customer's port with the port #5 but it didn't work. Does anybody have any idea how to solve this problem so that no customer sees any other customer on the network?

FreeBSD server IP port# 5 on switch
Switch IP
Customer #1 IP port #1 on switch
Customer #2 IP port #2 on switch

VLAN ID 2 ports #1, #5
VLAN ID 3 ports #2, #5

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best Regards.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Need help with VLAN on Procurve Switch 1700-24


My dear, no matter what is the switch you used, your setup is 100% correct and it should work perfectly.

Basically you are using the segregation of L2 Vlans between devices located in the same IP subnet and that is possible.

Can you make a screen shot of the 802.1Q Per Port Configuration page in your 1700 switch and attach it here.

Also check your firmware version on the 1700 because there was an issue regarding Vlan assignment if the default Vlan changed.

Good Luck !!!
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Thomas Joebstl
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Re: Need help with VLAN on Procurve Switch 1700-24

So you configured your fbsd box with the appropriate VLAN interfaces, bridged them together again and applied some filters to the bridge?
Otherwise it wont work - last time I had networking basics at school (granted, that's already quite some time ago) they taught us that it is impossible to have 2 interfaces in the same IP range and expect it to work properly and for traffic to cross VLAN boundaries you need a router.

I guess you're confusing VLANs with the source port filters available in the 26/2800 series.