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Needs Configuration

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Needs Configuration

I have atached a diagram for the connectivity of L3 and L2 with Ip, I needs a solution for my question,
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Needs Configuration

Is this an addition to your other post?
(use "reply" button instead "start new thread")

what I think the situation is:
The L2 switches do nothing special,
they have an ip-adress for management
they forward traffic on several vlans through the L3 switch.
The L3 switch must do the routing between vlans and to the internet.
Your PC must automatically get an ip-adress in the correct vlan/subnet independant of wich port it is connected to.

is this right?

then you need to
- configure the L3 switch with an ip-adress in different subnets on each vlan.
- enable ip-routing "ip routing"
- configure default route to the internet router/firewall " ip route"
- install a DHCP-server somewhere in your network.
- on the L3 switch configure ip-helper address on all vlan's pointing to this dhcp-server.
- on the dhcp-server configure a scope for each vlan
- each scope must have the L3-ipaddress for its own vlan/subnet as default-gateway.

hope this helps