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Netelligent 2016 / NetWorth SNAP16 firmware upgrade woes

Alex Lambert
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Netelligent 2016 / NetWorth SNAP16 firmware upgrade woes

(Apologies for the cross-post to wireless: I stumbled upon another thread dealing with a similar issue and just hit "new message")


I've read through this thread:


It provided some useful insight about parameter files, but I'm still having some problems upgrading my Netelligent 2016 to version 1.31.

The initial transfer of the configuration file is fine. After it completes, I get another "C" prompt and attempt to send the .IMG file from softpaq 2671 via xmodem (not the 1k variant).

The transfer _always_ stops after 640 bytes (5 "packets", I think). I cannot get it to upload more, and the transfer eventually aborts.

I'm currently running 1.20 of both boot and runtime.

Any suggestions? TIA :)