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Network Config Setup

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Network Config Setup

ok. this might get long, and I apologize for that.

network setup:
network operations center = HP 5308
building A = HP 5308
building B = HP 4108
building C = HP 1760

we are moving to SBC/ATT's CSME (or OPT-E-MAN) for our wide area network, away from leased T1 lines.

I need to setup the noc 5308 to communicate with the other buildings over vlans. I have them commuicatong, and am passing traffic between them, except the CSME has mac address limitations on each end.
I need for each end to be able to pass the traffic across the network to the network operations center as a single mac address, or ip address.

Is this possible, or would I need to NAT the links to achieve this.


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Re: Network Config Setup

changed what I posted midway through, but forgot to change my first sentence...