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Network Design

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Network Design

Dear All


we are redesigning our flat network and would like to introduce some VLANs. Currently all our managed switches are layer 2 proCurve 2510s and we have some unmanaged switches that we'll phase out.  If for example, we allocate the subnets as follows:

Servers -

Clients -


according to the sample diagram attached, we would need a layer 3 switch such as 2910-24G al for the clients to talk to the servers and vice versa right? Where would it be most suitable to put this? Or would you change the layout to the design?


Thanks for any assistance,


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Re: Network Design



I’m just learning routing myself but have an idea for your design. Why not put a router on the LAN side of the firewall. One interface on the router would be for the subnet and another interface for the subnet. While you’re at it maybe add a separate subnet for the WestBuilding. I’m just thinking a router might give you more versatility.


Hope this helps,