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Network archetecture/design with 2650's - VRRP, trunks, etc...

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Gaylord Van Brocklin
Occasional Visitor

Network archetecture/design with 2650's - VRRP, trunks, etc...

I currently have a client with about 6 HP Procurve 2650's split into two physically seperate engineering and development networks, all on VLAN 1.

I'd like to interconncet all their switches and dedicate two of the 2650's as "core" devices with IP's in each of the two new VLAN's I plan on creating. These will be configured as routers with static routes.

I come from a Cisco background, and was curious about IP redundancy on the Procurve 2650's.


- Do they support VRRP for this type of setup? (Eg; Core A is, Core B is, and the VRRP VIP is

- Can anyone point me to any documentaiton or example configs for this design?

- With about 150 devices in each VLAN, does the 2650 have enough horsepower to be a core router?

Thanks for the help.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Network archetecture/design with 2650's - VRRP, trunks, etc...


The 2650 is a Managed edge switch and its position is not in the core.

Thats why its doesn't have L3 redudancy like XRRP or VRRP or any Dynamic Routing, but it supports up to 16 static routes and it can route between its connected Vlans.

You still can have L2 redundancy based on Spanning-Tree MSTP.

Also the 2650's switching capacity is 13.6 Gbps, and thats very less for a Core.

I would like to advice you for some product and its of course a budget thing:

- use the 3400, and you can get XRRP.
- pay more and buy the 3500 with the license that have VRRP.
- Considering a one of the 5400 bundles is a good choice if you are looking for Scalability and near future growth.

Now, if you just have 2 Vlans, you still can use one or 2 of the 2600 as a Routing switches and add some Static routes also to other networks or the Internet.

For more info about the products:

Edge switches selection guide:

Reviewer guide for 3500, 5400:

ProCurve Library:

Good Luck !!!
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