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Network design question

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Network design question

Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice on a network design I have been asked to look at.

In a nutshell:

1. 3 sites connected in a triangle with either 10 GB or 100 MB LES or 10 MB LES (see diagram)
2. Each of the 3 sites will have VLANs local to the site (voice, printers and clients) etc
3. 2 of the sites will have flat VLANs across them for MS clusters, heartbeats, vMotion and 2 common server VLANs (see diagram)
4. Site 3 VLANs will all be local and routable
5. Dynamic routing to provide redundancy if a link goes down (RIP as the 2910 ALs only support this)
6. There is probably around 10 VLANs per site and all must be routable from all other sites and VLANs
7. VRRP is used at each site
8. Storage will be LeftHands at each site

Any comments gratefully accepted.