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Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches

Giovanni Trapasso_1
Frequent Advisor

Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches

I would like to capture some data from 100+ HP 2524 switches in an attempt to manage the traffic going into and out of my networks. What I am looking to collect is Bytes received, bytes transmitted and total bytes. I tried several packages but they all want to graph this in a HTML page, which is nice but to cumbersome for my needs. I would like a system which will collect the data and put it in a database of some type so that I chart the data by day and by total bytes.

Attached is an example of what my ISP does.

Any help would be appreciated.

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches

ProCurve Manager Plus might have a way to grab the data you want:


Or there is always OpenView Network Node Manager.

It _looks_ like MRTG logs to a file and the graphs are generated from those logs - so you could parse those logs.

Or, given that what you want is in a MIB, plain old snmpget/snmpwalk.
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Les Ligetfalvy
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Re: Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches

I don't see where PCM+ would give you what you want unless you are prepared to write CLI commands to rip the data from telnet. It would be very raw since the counters cannot be reset withou powering off the switches, so you would have to code some math.

I really don't know of any software that would give you the data "right out of the box" without you having to customize some code or reports. You can look at Fluke OVC but again, you would have to write yourself custom reports. WhatsUp Pro can pull the MIB OIDs as well but there is nothing "canned".
Gonzo Granello
Valued Contributor

Re: Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches


I belive that the solarwinds network tools - or for more switches their ORION network monitor could do that. As far as i remember they collect all data into a SQL database which you should be able to query for what you want. All tho other answers are also right at one point: it won't go your way entirely without any additional efforts / programming.

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David Morrison-Gardiner
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Re: Network traffic Monitor 100+ HP 2524 switches

One method I could suggest would be to setup a linux box (eg.- Mandrake) in the same subnet and use a package called Ethereal pointing the ip address to be monitored at the switch. Then use the tools available to graph the output for you. All the relevant documentation on how to use Ethereal is available on the distribution as well on the net.

For that matter I believe there are more than enough Live versions that have it preconfigured for use.

Hope this helps?!? ;)