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New HP support feature

M Macleod
Occasional Contributor

New HP support feature

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the new requirements from HP support. Everytime I log a support call with HP against one of our procurves, Im am now being asked for sho techs from 'every' switch.
We have 211 switches, so this is a task in itself.
I know I can send the command globally using PCM2.3, but this will not work as each sho_tech will overwrite the previous oen on our tftp server.
Is there a way to do this using PCM so that I can automate the process - I face hours of work just to log a support call otherwise.
Id ideally like PCM to run the command on all the switches and dump the files with the name or IP to identify which switch the shotech has come from

Many thanks
Frequent Advisor

Re: New HP support feature

did you believe that the HP support look to 211! sh tech all's?
Send them the sh techs from the switch where you have the problem.