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New Network Design

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New Network Design


We have bought 2x5406's and 1x3500. I will be doing a parallel migration so both the new HP switches and the current 3M switches need to be connected together while we move users to the new HP switches. The current 3M switches are configured with the default VLAN1 and all ports are a member of this VLAN. The new HP switches have many VLANS with just the trunking ports on VLAN1.

How do I hook up the HP switches to the 3M switches so that users that are migrated to the new HP switches can see resources on the old 3M switches?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: New Network Design

As long as you have a complimentary IP addressing scheme, then you would simply need to connect the 3M network into an untagged port on whatever VLAN it is that would match.

If the old network is using a default gateway that is going to be retired, then what I would do is setup a VLAN on the 5400 with the same IP address and have one port untagged which connects to the 3M network. This will then become the new default gateway and should offer connectivity to everyone throughout the migration. On the original default gateway you will need to change the IP address or disable it to prevent an IP address conflict.