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New switch install


New switch install


Looking for a little advice, we are currently upgrading our network switchs and wanted to know what is the best configuration.

Our network is extremly basic, no vlans or anything, just one flat network 192.168.10.x.

We currently have 1 x 2824 gb switch which has 10 servers connected to it, and 2 x HP 4000m switchs (desktop pc's) which are being replaced with 2 x 4208 units.

2 x 4208 (new)

1 x 2824 (existing)

Model numbers of the new switches are 4208vl-72gs and 4208gl-64g.

On the existing configuration we simply have port trucks setup, considering we are replaing the 4000m's with 4208's are there any benifits for settign anything else up or should i just stick to standard port trunking?


Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: New switch install

I'd stick with the port trunking and possibly also enable spanning-tree to prevent any accidental loops. You could also look at the new loop-protect feature.

Re: New switch install

Thanks for the reply.

We have decided to use port trunking and also enable spanning tree.

Just one problem, i cant find the option to eable and configure spanning tree on any of the switchs, we have tried both using consle cable and also telneting the ip address.

Can you please help.
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: New switch install


you make telnet connection for first setup assign vlan 1 ip address
example :
(config)#vlan 1
(vlan-1)#ip address

and to make telnet connection this ip address

after for trunk config

2824(config)#trunk 21-22 trk1 trunk
2824(config)#trunk 23-24 trk2 trunk

4208(config)#trunk c21-c22 trk1 trunk
4208(config)#trunk c23-c24 trk2 trunk

this example trunk config for SFP port
same trk group associate fibre or copper link

after for stp basic config

good luck