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New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

Paul Bard
Occasional Visitor

New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

Thank you for reviewing this thread.

We have a 5308XL switch located on the first floor along with the Data Center and IT Department. We have (4) 2650 switches located on the second floor with two divisions. Two switches per division.

We would like (2) of the four 2650 switches running within the 192.168.102.x range for one division and the other division within the 192.168.120.x range. On the first floor, we would like to have the 5308XL switch running within the 192.168.100.x range. The (2) 192.168.102.x switches and the (2) 192.168.120.x switches are connected via fiber between the two floors.

If someone can guide me on the steps to create these two VLANs off of the 5308XL, I would appreciate it immensley. Additional information is below as well as an attachment to help visualize what we are trying to do.

1st Floor: 5308XL -
- Serving 192.168.100.x subnet w/ DHCP

2nd Floor: 2650
1. Corporate Division -*
2. Corporate Division -
- Serving 192.168.120.x subnet w/ DHCP
- Connected to 5308XL via fiber at A1,A2

3. Luxury Division -
4. Luxury Division -
- Serving 192.168.102.x subnet w/DHCP
- Connected to 5308XL via fiber at A3,A4

* One port on x.x.120.220 must remain on 192.168.100.x subnet. (port 1)

The Default Gateway is: for the network.

Jason F.

Re: New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

Example for creating a new VLAN and assigning an IP address. In this example, I will add five ports to VLAN 192:

ProCurve> enable
ProCurve# conf t
ProCurve(config)# vlan 192
ProCurve(vlan-192)# unt a1-a5
ProCurve(vlan-192)# ip add

Client IPs in this VLAN will have a 192.168.1.x network with a gtw of

For further assistance, please call support.

Manual Ref: http://tinyurl.com/8oqlt


ProCurve Support
Chris Bullock_1
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Re: New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

Does the switch have to act as a router for vlans to work? I already have a router for my networks. Must you define an ip address for each vlan?
Jonathan Axford
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Re: New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

If you already have a router then you don't have to use the switch to do the routing between VLANS.

Most people would assign IP address'es to the switch somewhere, Usually a management VLAN to enable remote management of the switch etc.
Where there is a will there is a way...
Manfred Arndt
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Re: New to VLAN - Need Setup Guidance

You do not need to assign an ip address for each vlan. One IP for the management VLAN is usually sufficient.