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New vlan, communication help!

Occasional Advisor

New vlan, communication help!

Hello guys,
I am trying to create a new vlan only on one switch and i want that vlan to communicate with some servers on the Default VLAN.
The Diagram is as attached as follows.
I have a Procurve 2650 which is a light later 3 switch, so i think we can go for the static routing on it.

As shown in the diagram,
I have created a new vlan , vlan 21 ( and i have assigned port 2 (untagged) to that vlan.

Now i want the users from that "vlan21" to access the DEFAULT VLAN ( or some of the servers on default vlan.

I want this vlan to be only on switch with ip addess .
The default gateway is set for this switch and it is

i can think of the config as follows :

ip route

(for vlan21) ip helper-address

But how this is not working.
how will the traffic from default vlan communicate with vlan21 ?
I am confused.
Please help me.

Respected Contributor

Re: New vlan, communication help!

do you have a route from back to the new vlan on the router(
something like
ip route

How should the Servers know where is?

Hope this helps

cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: New vlan, communication help!

ip routing enable on switch
and you can create new vlan 21

config)#vlan 21
vlan 21 config)#ip address
vlan 21 config)#untagged 2

you can connect int 2 on pc and assing ip address for pc

subnet mask
default gateway

and all server or pc in vlan 1 default gateway address must be vlan 1 ip address

you can now write ip route internet connection for vlan 1 and vlan 21 user's



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Re: New vlan, communication help!

Thank you guys,
I have an idea about that, but i think it is to be added in my firewall as it is the main source of routing.

I will configure it as you have told, but at that time do i need to disable the default gateway?
Trusted Contributor

Re: New vlan, communication help!

where do you wan't to delete the default gateway?
At the switch : if you enable ip routing the default gateway is still in the sh run but has no effect. you need a static route for the switch to route everthing to the firewall.
ip route
clients in just leave the default gateway as it is.-->can't reach vlan 21
server in default gateway --> can be reached from vlan 21
systems in vlan 21: 10.21.21.x with x the ip from switch in vlan 21 --> can reach the servers and the firewall, but not the clients in
hope i got it all
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Re: New vlan, communication help!

Thank you very much guys,
So finally this is what i came up to:

ip routing
ip default-gateway
vlan 1
untagged 1,3-50
ip address
no untagged 2
vlan 21
name "XXXXX"
untagged 2
ip address
ip route

please check it and give it a go. I have already passed my deadline.

Plus i know that i have to add a reverse route to the new vlan from my firewall.
Thank you!
Respected Contributor

Re: New vlan, communication help!

Looks fine.