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Newbie VLAN 3Com 4500 -> ProCurve1700

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Newbie VLAN 3Com 4500 -> ProCurve1700

Hello there,

i have on one side 3com4500 with
vlan id 1 =
vlan id 4 =
on port 24 of this switch

vlan id 1-3 are for companies purposes
vlan id 4 is for private users living within the same building.

the separation of the vlans works perfekt between the 3com switches.

then i bought a procurve1700 to connect another private use on another place of the building.

my target is:
3com: port 24 (vlan1 + vlan2) connected to port1 of hp; then 1 want to have ports 2-7 with only vlan 1 and port 8 with only vlan 2.

i am working on teh switches by browser. Any tips what i should do (1st 2nd etc...)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Newbie VLAN 3Com 4500 -> ProCurve1700

thanks for reading, i got it myself..