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No Dial Tone

Keith Finnerty
Occasional Visitor

No Dial Tone

Armada M300 with Win XP Pro does not detect dial tone. This happened soon after a connection to in-house network. Then dial-up failed. No harware conflicts spotted. Tried setting for not waiting for dial tone to dial out. Analog line is good (other modems work on it). Did the hardware in the internal modem get tweaked? What else can I try? Please help!
Michael Dillman
Valued Contributor

Re: No Dial Tone

A couple of years ago there was an update on Cisco Head End Modems that caused a conflict with the Compaq Global Mini PCI modem. Our fix was to update the modem driver, this causes the modem to be identified as a Lucent WinModem. The symptom we most often saw was a blue screen at the end of the handshake, but this may help your problem as well. You can also go into hyperterminal and name the session test and on the screen asking for the phone number change the mode to the com port it resides on. Then type ATI3. If it returns the chipset the hardware is fine, if not, you may have a problem communicating between the com port and the modem.
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Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: No Dial Tone

Verify that your speaker is on and working (not muted) with volume at maximum.

Go into Device Manager and find your modem. Does it have a yellow or red mark? If so you need a new driver. Try reinstalling it.

If it looks good then open hyperterm and select the port the modem is assigned to. (Do not give it a number to dial)
Move the cursor to the big pane and


you should get back an OK even if you don't yet see what you type.

Now type

which should turn the speaker on.


This causes the modem to go off hook. Do you hear anything? If you don't hear anything and the telephone line is good then the modem has a hardware fault. Possibly caused by a lightning hit on the telephone line. You will probably find it cheaper to replace it with one of the cardbus or usb modems.

Steve Batchelor
Occasional Visitor

Re: No Dial Tone

Two Evo N1015V's. Exactly the same problem on both machines which rules out hardware. Both OK on dial up until FreeServe ADSL installed. If modem is selected "no dial Tone" error message appears. Bypass this and the modem dials on a unopened line. The error seems to be that the modem does not go "off hook". No fix found as yet, I'm trying a PCMCIA modem tomorrow....