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No Well-Known SNMP Traps Link down / up

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No Well-Known SNMP Traps Link down / up

Hi all,


our 2810 and 4204vl don't send "fixed or Well-Known" Traps like Link Up or Link Down like it our old 2848 does. In 2810 manual I found:

Fixed or "Well-Known" Traps: The switch automatically sends fixed traps

(such as "coldStart", "warmStart", "linkDown", and "linkUp") to trap receivers

using the public community name. These traps cannot be redirected to other

communities. Thus, if you change or delete the default public community

name, these traps will be lost.


But I use public community for the traps...


I would be grateful for a solution.








Frequent Advisor

Re: No Well-Known SNMP Traps Link down / up

OK, there is a bug in N.11.52 of HP 2810 switch!

I installed 11.25 and I recieved my traps as I expected.

But I also got a probleme with HP 3500-48G-PoE yl Switch.

FW 12.57 (It will be fixed sometime ;) ) everything is finebut FW 15.03. sends 3 other traps and 2 "well known" traps if an interface goes up and down, so our Arp-Guard System drops that traps wheater "well known" trap was recieved first. And I used traplevel "none" (no logs will be send).


problems problems...


thx for reading