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No link on 4108gl


No link on 4108gl

Very very weird situation...

I have different Proliant servers that have the NC6770 1000SX NIC installed. I have 5 4108gl switches with fw G.07.50.

Problem, the damn things just don't work together. If I put the switch port on 1000FDx I get link on the server but not on the switch. If I put swith port on Auto I don't get link on any of them.

I've had this problem before with the 4108gl but couldn't remember if the NIC's were also the NC6770. We changed those to the NC6136 and that fixed it. All our servers use these NIC's.

The new servers that we just received were shipped with the NC6770. I've updated the fw on NIC's also, but that didn't help.

I'm using Win2K3 and latest everything!


Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: No link on 4108gl

Have you ruled out the fibre and GBIC?

Re: No link on 4108gl

Yes, I have 5 new servers all with the same problem. Would be to coincedental that all would suffer from a faulty NIC, GBIC or cable.
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Re: No link on 4108gl


So you have 5 servers, but do you have 5 G-bics as well? Or did you only try with 1? What is the partnumber and what kind of cable are you using? What settings are default on the server?

I guess that there is a problem on the serverside since you changed the Nic's once before from NC6770 to NC6136 and that fixed the problem. Better call HP Proliant support?



Re: No link on 4108gl

Yes, I have 5 J4131B GBIC's. The cables that I'm using are SC-SC cables.

These are 5 new servers that were delivered with the NC6770. My other servers use the NC6136 NIC's with the same GBIC's and they work like a charm.

It has to be some kind of HW incompatibility between the NC6770 and the J4131B or 4108gl that can maybe resolved by a firmware upgrade.

I'll call HP tomorrow.