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OSPF conf on HP 5304 L3 switch

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OSPF conf on HP 5304 L3 switch


We have configured OSPF on two 5304 L3 switches with multiple VLANS.We can able to see all the routes but when we try to work on any application ,it's not working from particular VLAN.Ping response for that application server is normal.

I would like to know what could be the problem ,since ping response & traceroute are fine.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: OSPF conf on HP 5304 L3 switch

Hard to say without knowing what the applications are. Do you have any filters set on the 5304s? Do the applications use a broadcast? Perhaps a directed broadcast? Can you telnet to the port on the server and get a response?


Re: OSPF conf on HP 5304 L3 switch


first I'm not ver familar with hp switches/routers. Primary I wors in a cisco environent.
Last time I think about the a problem like yours...
So should have a look on your L3 switches. In an vtp environment is it normaly that broadcast/unicasts are not forwarded between vlans or IP segments.
If you can do a debugging have a look on the ip packets and find out what kind of protocols should be forwarded and what not...
Last time i must cfg a broadcast forwarding for dhcp which is normaly disabled.