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Office setup ProCurve 2610-48 advice please

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Office setup ProCurve 2610-48 advice please


Any advice would be great on this issue. I have done some research on this but not come to a straight forward/clear answer.

I have a building divided up into 5 different offices and each office is its own separate company. In the building I want to have a single internet connection which is shared out to these offices. Here is the equipment I have available

Draytek 2820 router
Procurve 2610-48

Now I would like to stop the offices talking to each other but still be able to access the internet using the draytek. Also the Draytek is performing DHCP which I would still like it to do for these offices. The Draytek can only dish out a single scope i believe.

Lets say each office only has 4 devices each (PC's/printers)

Im imagining some kind of VLAN setup where each VLAN shares port 1 which the router plugs into..

Is this possible? I have done something similar before with a cheapish DLINK but the requirement there was to stop every port talking to each other which I was able to do using trunking but the requirement now is a little different and im not too familiar with the Procurves.

Many thanks!
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Re: Office setup ProCurve 2610-48 advice please

Hi there.

Depends on the abilities of your Draytek.

Let's say your router is So you would define some VLANS on your switch:

vlan 10
name "Office 1"
untagged 2-5
ip helper-address
ip address

vlan 20
name "Office 2"
untagged 6-9
ip helper-address
ip address

Then you have to turn routing on:

ip routing

And now you can define access-lists which permit or deny connections between the pcs.

Your router has to be able to give your pcs ip addresses within the right range. For example: if the pc is one of Office 2 it has to use a ip address (or something like that). The gateway address for this pc has to be
If the draytek is not able to do this allocation by vlan (ip address of the dhcp relay) you have to use fixed ip addresses for your clients or use a seperate dhcp server (under linux?).