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PCM+2.0 Trafic Monitor

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PCM+2.0 Trafic Monitor

Dear Forum,

I try to configure Trafic Monitor under PCM+2.0 with 3400cl-48G and 6400cl switches. They both run M_08_75 Firmware.
I've configured SNMPv3 (ManagerPriv), SSH access and IP Authorized Manager. PCM Communication test is OK and everything works fine with PCM (remote configuration, scan devices, syslog and SNMP traps...).

When I add devices to Trafic Monitor, I get the the message "device updated - no data" and a SNMP trap "check connectivity - unable to get data" !!!

What's wrong with my configuration ???
Any iddea would be greatly appreciated !
Hector Manzo
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Re: PCM+2.0 Trafic Monitor


PCM 2.0 currently has a problem with Traffic on devices using SNMPv3. I would like to provide you a drop in fix to see if this addresses your problem. This fix has already been proven to work in other customer environments.

Please email me so that I can arrange to email you the code fix.