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PCM 2.0 VLAN problems

Darrall Pullen
Occasional Visitor

PCM 2.0 VLAN problems

I recently upgraded to 2.0 after being very happy with 1.6. All my VLAN information displayed in PCM is completley screwed. The switches have not been affected but none of the configuration details displayed in the VLAN section matches anything close to the real config. I have tried manually removing all my devices (5300xls and 4100gls) and auto discovering, manual discovery and re-discovery but each time the VLAN info just gets worse. Its not a big problem but it certainly causes more work when trying to create a VLAN across 10 switches without using PCM. I have also tried a complete uninstall and re-install but still nothing. Can anyone help as it would be greatly appreciated.
Hector Manzo

Re: PCM 2.0 VLAN problems


This problem had already been reported to the PCM engineering team and a fix is under way. The problem is in the VLAN discovery code. I don't have a fix date for this yet.

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