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PCM 2.1 Templates

Kevin Stanton
Occasional Advisor

PCM 2.1 Templates

I am looking to deploy VLAN's to a Few 2626's switches; I created a template from a switch I had configured manually.

I deployed the template to a test switch however the template over wrote the original hostname.

Is there any way to keep the original hostname intact ?.


Re: PCM 2.1 Templates

I'm not 100% sure of what you are trying to do, but I think a better method might be to use the CLI tool in PCM.
You can choose multiple devices from the Interconnect Devices list by using the standard Windows selection keys (ctrl, shift). Then click on the CLI tool icon (it is the little wrench on my version). You can enter the commands you want executed and the tool will automatically save the config and also copy it back to the PCM server if you choose.
Let me know if that gets it done for you.